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Welcome to Tornado PHP Framework

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You can Get Tornado for free, request your copy today by sending us a note via this contact form.

Tornado is fast, simple and intuitive. Once you get accustomed to Tornado and you have tasted its ease of use, it will be hard to stop using it.

My name is Greg, I created Tornado, a fast web development framework. The goal of achieving fast load times depends on the media content of your website (images, videos, slideshow loaders, music players, etc.) The framework speeds up the PHP component by converting it into HTML, greatly reducing the time it takes to download the page by cutting PHP processing and MySQL access time.

I have been doing some experiments with existing websites I have built using Tornado and found out that 400ms - 800ms are common times for loading a page with small to average content. A page weighted with several images takes 1.2 second to load on the average.

Tornado will be in development for another few months, with a possible launch date of January 1st, 2015. Until then you can Request a Full Version of Tornado a $25 value, free to anyone who requests it by sending us a message via the contact form on this site. For a limited time until the release date, give it a go, you might like it? Just contact us and let us know.

Tornado is designed for people who make websites, whether you have no knowledge of HTML or web design, and want to use Tornado as a website builder, or even if you are an advanced PHP developer serving the needs of your web design clients who need a fast and intuitive platform.

A few reasons to use Tornado

  • Instant Preview. Watch your HTML file in preview as you type in HTML code into the editor. The preview is updated in real time as you type on the same screen. And there is still plenty of room for all other controls on one screen, because the view will automatically resize to match your display.
  • Day-n-night editor mode Day & Night Mode. Switch between black on white and white on black background/font mode. Sometimes dark background is easier on the eyes if you're working at night.
  • 11+ Plugins Out of the Box. Save time developing popular website features like shopping carts or image slideshows. There are important plugins already bundled with Tornado. They use simple, minimalist code that works, and makes it easy to expand to accommodate for specifics of your own project. There is a PayPal Shopping Cart plugin, Contact form plugin, HTML to PHP Page Cache plugin, Image Slideshow plugin, Newsletter List plugin with "mail to list" option. Your website content is available via RSS, and you can add/remove a content page from the RSS feed with a single mouse click. When you purchase Tornado you also get access to all new plugins that will be developed in the future for free, as well as free access to all existing plugin updates.
  • Newsletter Auto-Responder. So you have created a website and gained a few subscribers. And by the way, you can set up your list in less than a minute with Tornado, because it is integrated into the framework out of the box. Now it's the time to schedule some messages for them. Tornado provides a pop-up calendar. With just a click of a mouse on the date, and choosing the exact time, you can schedule any content page on your website to be mailed to your subscribers at a time in the future.
  • Auto-Paragraphs. Making a web page is all about using HTML tags. However, sometimes you just want to type in text and adding <P></P> tags around each paragraph can become tedious fast. Tornado inserts paragraph tags automatically into typed text. All other HTML tags still work as expected. This gives a good amount of control over the HTML, and manually typed text. It's a lot easier and feels like a combo between a blog and an HTML editor at the same time.
  • Right Tools. We have created a framework that doesn't clutter the editor with unnecessary options, or plugins that can bloat the website. Instead of installing plugins for popular functionality, a lot is already included in the framework itself out of the box. You will not see many options, but you will see the right options.
  • One Screen. Editing website content doesn't have to be about jumping around many pages to edit CSS and HTML. Tornado offers an intuitive one-screen CMS design that makes editing content a breeze. To add a new content page, start a new article draft, choose a website template, separately for each page, or for entire site, and save. The PHP-based template was applied and your page is saved on the server as plain HTML. Which makes Tornado... Intelligently fast.
  • Intelligently Fast. It's fast. All of your pages are stored as static HTML, after being transformed from PHP. This means you can design your web template in PHP, but have it finally rendered as HTML. Together with gzip, this makes your website as fast as it can possibly be. Tornado makes this caching process automatic as it is hidden from the web designer of the PHP theme.

If you are seeing this page you have successfully installed Tornado PHP Framework, a simple website builder application. Below are some basic details about how Tornado works, and how you can start editing the website. By the way, we have included Tornado's official Wooden Template for this installation, which is what you're looking at right now.

HTML Cache Makes Tornado Spin Fast

Tornado uses a simple and fast caching system, implemented through the Apache htaccess file to rasterize the file only. When a Tornado website is live, there are no Apache page rewrites at all. All content files are accessed as HTML, after being "rasterized" from PHP. There is absolutely no live PHP code used on the website, which makes it very fast to navigate. However, there is a layer of PHP that actually builds the header of a page and the template itself. This allows construction of the web templates in PHP.

Whenever you save a web page inside the article editor (press CTRL-S), or click on "Save" button, the PHP theme is "rasterized" as HTML, and the target html files are physically written into the root folder (if "Page Type" parameter for the article/web page is set to no_dir, webpage, or homepage.) If the "Page Type" parameter is set to any other folder, the folder will be created in website's file system (root) and the file will be saved in that folder.

The filename of each page can be changed in article editor's page settings (Location URI), and should use the .HTML extension. However, if you do use extension .PHP, it will not make a difference. Using HTML is probably faster, because it does not invoke the PHP processor at all.

Default Theme

You may see the "wooden" theme applied to this page in order to make sure everything works correctly. The theme for entire site or each article individually can be changed in admin editor. This, as most of everything else, is done on the same page where you are editing the article and can see the article preview. Tornado is a platform that tries to display all editing options on one page, so that the user doesn't have to flip around a lot of settings pages.

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